Guilty pleasures

It’s 1.30 am and I wanted to see a music video by this newcomer Finnish pop artist Kasmir. This guy had literally released 2(!!)singles this summer, no album, and already he became a huge hit. Not afraid to admit it: this dude is my guilty pleasure. He has the voice of an angel but he looks… ok, I don’t know the best way to describe him so, I came up with a concept I think we all should start using. Unless you’re a total superficial assface, you’ve been attracted to someone who isn’t your type or even beautiful in ”socially acceptable” terms. I call this awkward hot, because you’re not quite sure why you like them but you just do.

Awkwardly hot people usually have weird characteristics and they may wear uncool clothes and do uncool things. But beware! Do not confuse truly awkward hot people with hipsters awkwardy trying to achieve that awkward look. That’s just awkward.

This guy knows what I’m talking about. Not hot, not even awkward but just plain STOP IT, dude, you look ridiculous. Stop trying to copy the impossible.


The secret behind truly awkward hotties lies in something much deeper that cannot be copied, no matter how many Fjallräven backpacks you may own. The truth is that there is something very special in these people, a strange charisma that doesn’t make any sense to be sexually attracted to. And in my opinion, it doesn’t have to. Have you ever been attracted to someone who just isn’t your type, and you just couldn’t figure out why? Go for it, because if the only thing keeping you back is that voice in your head that says “omg what will my friends say”, then perhaps it’s time to stop being a superficial bitch or you could miss out on something very special. That being said I recently went out with a guy who has the eyesight of a bat, who claims he’s never been approached by a woman in a bar and who lives in a real life Big Bang Theory episode. And you know what, our time together was pure gold and I have nothing but respect for him! #Annalyzed

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