As a young business owner, the most difficult thing to do is to get the word out about what you do. Simply put: advertising.
The HELLSINKI ROCK GIRLS are a group of very talented, likeable and efficient young women that not only help people get the word out, they make sure it STAYS THERE.
The scope of their work is staggering, and they seem keen to undertake any project I have yet to devise. Some of the most striking images that have come out of HEAD HUNTER STORE FINLAND, are a direct reult of the hard work and input of these wonderful women.
I would count many of them as my personal friends at this point, and this is a testament to the close relationship I have built with them, over the course of the several shoots we have worked on together.
Professional, beautiful … and beautiful.


YO! Last summer Hellsinki rockgirls hosted our festival Valttifest in Eastern Helsinki. I have to say that Hellsinki rockgirls really rock! They were really nice, positive, beautiful, super cool and they behaved like true professionals. We are honoured to have them host our event again this year. Rock n roll everybody and hail to Hellsinki rockgirls!!!
-Valttifest organizer Pastori Leif Graham Kylliäinen

Jenni Salmela tulossa

Hellsinki Rock Girls are most known for doing photo shoots. Styles vary from editorial, commercial, artistic to life style shoots. Model: Daniela, Photograher: Juha Tikkanen

Especially Ronja, Saana and Daniela are very experienced spokes people and have hosted many events. They are not afraid to be on the stage with a microphone! Ronja is also the lead vocalist for the band Jennifer’s body Model: Ronja, Photographer Nadia Isaksson

Many of our girls have been in advertisement campaigns for different fashion and accessory brands. For example, Nea has a long time relationship with modeling for Varusteleka. Other labels which have been represented by our girls has include Evil Clothing, Vixxsin, Innocent, Nordic Nightmare and Cherise – Gothic and alternative clothing. Model: Nea, Clothing: Varusteleka. Check the whole collection:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…

We collaborate with many photographers, venues, and products. All the girls have their unique look, style and strengths. They also have talents like fashion and digital designing and make-ups. Please ask for more info. Models: Emilia, Ronja, Milla, Noora, Emmi, Jenni, Eija and Saana Photographer: Roope Rainisto, Location Bar Bäkkäri

Our girls have lots of experience in promotions and various campaigns. Hellsinki Rock Girls team can often be seen in rockish events and happenings – the places where we tend to hang out anyways! Models: Milla and Nea, Promotions: Kopparberg

If you are looking for representable girls with the right attitude to your music videos or commercial videos, we have an answer for you. Hellsinki Rock Girls also have a Youtube channel where you can check all the videos with the girls. Models Milla, Anna, Nea, Jenni and Noora are seen in Avra’s music video. You can check the video from here: xxx link xxx

Dancing is close to many of our girls’ hearts. Anna teaches pole dance for a living, Nea is Mondo Sleaze klub’s dancer and can be spotted as a go go dancer in Prkl club during the event Trash Disco, and Eija dances latin styles. In this photo you can see Shadow Self showing modern belly dancing in Burlesque festival in Turku.

Hellsinki Rock Girls are known for being a bit crazy, ambitious and surprising. We are not afraid of being out of the comfort zone! Eija, Jenni and Nea have been on the stage as zombies with Finnish black metal band Church of the Dead. This photo is from Prkl club during the show. Photographer: Aleksi Pihlström

We love new challenges and are always looking for new memorable gigs and events. If you have something in your mind, please do not hesitate to contact us! In this photo Jenni poses as a zombie with Chuch of the Dead in Prkl club. Photographer: Aleksi Pihlström