• Photographer: Anna Turunen
  • Photographer: Roope Rainisto, Location: Bar Roska


Tattoos: Upper and lower back, upper arms
Piercings: No
Description: Elegant Anna melts your heart with her lovely eyes and mysterious smile. She studied Music and Arts Management at London and her passion for music can be recognized also from her tattoos. Anna’s special talent is pole dancing, she can also ride horses and even do some fire tricks!
Genres: promotional, host, hair/makeup, pole dance, pinup, fitness, glamour, music videos

The thing you didn’t know about me?
I used to be, to my knowledge, the youngest sport poledancer in the world at age 15. I started at a local pole studio in Helsinki in the 9th grade and went on to teach poledance in Florida when I was 17.

The craziest thing I have ever done in my life?
Was how fast I decided to follow my dreams and change the course of my life when I turned 20. I was studying music management at a university in London when I realized I wanted to buy a horse and breed a foal. Within two days I had a horse, a plane ticket to Finland and a totally new plan for LIFE! Never looked back.

The thing what I wanna do before I’m six feet under?
I don’t have a list of things to do before I die, but I wish to reach some clarity and peace of mind, as cliché as it sounds.

Favorite place in Helsinki?
My favorite place in Helsinki is that spot between Pasila and Central railway station where you can sit up on the cliffs and watch trains go by.

Top 5 all time favorite bands?
This is a hard, hard question…I’d have to say at least Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, Children of Bodom (I grew up next to lake Bodom), the Prodigy and perhaps The Doors. Or The Black Keys. Or Muse. Or The Arctic Monkeys, or….

The most legendary gig I’ve ever seen?
The best show I ever saw is without a doubt The Prodigy. At one point I even saw a guy in a wheel chair get up and party! Also Steel Panther is always hilarious.

A song I listen to when about to when I want to feel good?
I have many feelgood songs, but most recently I’ve been digging this song Two Weeks by the band Grizzly Bear.

My favorite drink is?
I love a Cuba Libre to Sailor Jerry rum, but a glass of smooth, spicey red wine always works.

What makes me feel awesome?
Food. Good food is always amazing. I eat a lot and am not afraid to admit it!


”Not all who wander are lost.”