• Photographer: Vera Pash
  • Photographer: Vera Pash
  • Photographer: Hanna Råst


Also known as: Eija Katriina
Tattoos: small on arm and bigger one on back
Description: Sweet Eija is our graceful chameleon who can change from a darling doll-face to a kick-ass rocker! She’s a fashion designer and knows how to make the fabric look good when doing catalog shoots. Eija can also dance and she is known for her crazy but great ideas.
Genres: Editorial, Fashion, Hair/Makeup, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Performance Artist, Promotional Modeling, Runway, Spokesperson/Host

The thing you didn’t know about me?
There are many things, but I bet you didn’t know I’m engineer and I’m a big fan of the Finnish artist Matti-Esko

The craziest thing I have ever done in my life?
I have no problem to travel by myself! I’ve ended up doing things like jumping into a long distance bus in UK without knowing where it was going and I was staying on a boat with two sailors I had just met on the coast of Morecambe. And moving to the United States without knowing any English at age 16 was pretty crazy too.

The thing what I wanna do before I’m six feet under?
I would love to meet Queen Elisabeth II, buy a few houses around the world, learn how to sail, build an eco village….just name a few…;D

Favorite place in Helsinki?
Railway station (easy to get out)

Top 5 all time favorite bands?
Alice in Chains, Katatonia, Faith No More, Audioslave and In Flames, but I recenltly fell in love with Ghost and just can’t get enough of it

The most legendary gig I’ve ever seen?
HIM playing in Urheilutalo, Kauhajoki in 1998 during Greatest Lovesongs Vol 666 Tour

A song I listen to when about to give up?
Aerosmith – Dream On

My favorite drink is?
long drink -> Finnish lonkero!!!

What makes me feel awesome?
It feels good to be lost in the right direction!


”Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.”