• Photographer: Tuff
  • Photographer: Roope Rainisto, Location: Bar Bäkkäri
  • Photographer: Tuff


Tattoos: Lizard on left forearm, cherries on right forearm, bass keys on lower back (and desire for more is huge!)
Piercings: Labret, Ears x 2
Description: This flirtatious, passionate, social and outgoing rocker chick loves to dance and sing! Animals are close to her heart and Emmi is actually working in animal industry, studying to become a veterinary nurse. Emmi loves to pose, letting the camera capture her sassy and foxy nature. For her photoshoots, crazy and artistic ideas are the best!

The thing you didn’t know about me?
I can be really romantic and sometimes I write poems.

The craziest thing I have ever done in my life?
All the funny and wild stuff when I was a teenager (not gonna tell anything specific!) And of course looking forward to all the crazy things that are yet to come !

The thing what I wanna do before I’m six feet under?
Live my life to the fullest and find true love! Travel across the planet and hopefully make a difference to the way people treat animals (and take care of many many animals in my future work as a veterinary nurse)

Favorite place in Helsinki?
All the small and cosy parks where you can chill with friends

Top 5 all time favorite bands?
Only 5… so hard to say only 5 ! But let’s try.. Queen, Massive Attack, Muse, Prodigy, David Bowie, Queens of the stone age, Lenny Kravitz, (Oops there’s few extras)

The most legendary gig I’ve ever seen?
Must have been the first Muse gig I saw, mind blowing!

A song I listen to when I’m going out and wanna have some fun?

Mötley Crue’s Girls Girls Girls, but when I really wanna shake my booty I go for the Prodigy and Smack my bitch up!

My favorite drink is?
Mojito or vodka with energydrink

What makes me feel awesome?


”Live this day, dream about tomorrow, learn from yesterday.”