• Photographer: Jose Ahonen / James Joystick
  • Photographer: Disease-W33


Also known as: Noctrexa
Tattoos: 3, medical/first-aid themed
Piercings: Snakebites, navel and elongated ear piercings.
Description: Noora is our lovely vivacious lady who loves to express herself artistically. She faces the world with style and never-fading rock attitude. Despite the fact that she is astonishingly pretty, Noora has still her feet on the ground and her nature combines both good self-esteem and humility. She always gives her best to people around her …and she’s also a practical nurse – Couldn’t get any better!

Genres: Fetish, Promote, Glamour, Catalogue, Runnaway, Fantasy, Horror, Fashion, Editorial, Art, Pinup, Promotional, Hair, Makeup, Catwalk/Runway.

The thing you didn’t know about me?
When I’m walking with a man, I need to be at a right side, otherwise I feel really weird and I have to walk a bit behind.

The craziest thing I have ever done in my life?
I actually haven’t done anything daredevil crazy, just casually reckless things. Like letting a total stranger drive me home and afterwards just offering him a cup of coffee as a reward, then kicking him out.

The thing what I wanna do before I’m six feet under?
Sounds a bit stupid but own a Friesian horse.. and a small castle where I can have a awesome rock parties! Hehe

Favorite place in Helsinki?
I don’t have any special hangout place in Helsinki since I don’t live there, but because I love underwater creatures like morays and sharks I would say Sea Life is my favorite place in Helsinki.

Top 5 all time favorite bands?
1. Evanescence 2.Lacuna Coil 3.Him 4. Type O Negative 5. Deine Lakaien

The most legendary gig I’ve ever seen?
It took me long time to think about this but it must be Deine Lakaien’s first gig in Finland at Tampere talo.

A song I listen to when about to give up?
Nina Simone – Just Say I Love Him

My favorite drink is?
I’ll tell it when I get it

What makes me feel awesome?
When I have done the right thing to someone and one gets really happy about it


”Never say never.”